Modern Slavery

is happening

Together We Can Stop It

Stop Modern Slavery

What is Modern Slavery

Someone is in slavery if they are:  Forced to work / owned or controlled by an 'employer' / dehumanised / treated as a commodity or property / have restrictions placed on their freedom of movement

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Did you know?

There are an estimated 40.3 MILLION victims of modern slavery in the world today*

In 2018 there were 144 potential victims identified in Hampshire and the isle of Wight

Anyone, any age one in four victims of modern slavery are children

What can i do?

Be aware that slavery may exist in your neighbourhood, in your business, in your community, and in your county. Those trapped within slavery may attend the same school as your children, they may be cooking your food at the local restaurant, they may be painting your nails at the local nail bar, or they may be packing the fruit you eat. It is everyone's responsibility to look for slavery and report any suspicions or incidents – working together, we can stop it happening.


Spot It, Report It

Show your support

Anti-Slavery Event 18 October

The Modern Slavery Partnership will be launching a new theatre production in Portsmouth Guildhall Square on 18 October 2019  to mark Anti-Slavery Day.  Actors will portray real life cases of slavery to raise awareness of some of the key signs that someone may be being exploited and how to report any concerns. There will be performances throughout the day between 10am and 3.15pm. Come along see the play, meet some of the partners and find out more about how by working together we can stop modern slavery.

Sign up to the Walk for Freedom 

Saturday 19 October in Portsmouth

To register your attendance, and find out more details visit  A21 Walk for Freedom Site

The Partnership

Find out more about how we are tackling modern slavery across Hampshire and the Isle of Wight.

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Rights & Responsibilities

Find out more about human rights and how we can protect the most vulnerable by working together

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